Switch CBD Tincture is a premium spray tincture that is applied sublingual.  We developed these 500mg flavored spray tinctures because we feel that everyone who wants to use CBD should also enjoy using it as well.  Putting this into a spray bottle offers you the opportunity to use any time and any where without the awkwardness of the droppers.  Punch'd is a flavor that is pineapple, passion fruit, papaya, orange, guava and apple all mixed in with MCT oil.  Each Bottle is 30ml and contains 500mg of CBD.  Make the Switch and Live Free!


Directions:  Shake Well Before Each Use.  Spray under tongue.  Approximately 5 sprays is 1 milliliter and each milliliter contains 16.67 milligrams of CBD.  


Lab Test:

CBD:  99.87%

THC:   0.0%

Switch CBD - Spray Tincture 1000mg - Punch'd Hemp